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Home Security Systems Saskatoon

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Home Security Systems Saskatoon

Did you know Vivint Saskatoon has over 2000 active customers in the Winnipeg and surrounding area? That makes us the largest provider of smart home security and alarm systems in Saskatoon in the city! Vivint first came to Saskatoon in 2009 and since then has gone on to become Vivint’s 4th largest customer base in the country, only behind Calgary, Winnipeg and Regina. With state of the art home security and cutting edge smart home offerings, Vivint is the clear choice for today’s homeowner. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free quote!


See packages show up at your door, or check in on the kids coming home from school. 2-way voice activation for conversations right are your door from anywhere in the world. 


1080P resolution with night vision capabilities. These camera’s are state of the art and even include noise activation when motion is detected so the potential intruder face is caught on camera as they look for the sound. 


Amazing clarity for watching over your home from the inside. Whether you are checking in on your kids or a pet, you can speak to them with 2-way voice communication right from your smart phone. 


Vivint playback enables you to record everything that goes on at your property and watch it back whenever you need through our convenient smart phone application. This is great for packages arriving at your door!


Our smart locks take your home security to a new level. With this easy to use interface you simple lock and unlock your door to disarm your security automatically. Easy access through your Vivint smart phone application.  


Never worry whether you’ve left the heat on at your home! With your Element thermostat you can control the climate in your home from anywhere in the world with your Vivint smart phone application. 


Never wonder whether you’ve left your garage door open again! You can get alerts and close the door right from your smart phone. 


We have award winning 24 hour security monitoring to protect your home and family. When you are arm you system, you know your home is safe. 


Control your home from anywhere in the world with our state or the art application available for apple and android. 


Never worry whether you’ve left the heat on at your home! Control your heating and cooling with Google’s new smart thermostat from anywhere.  


Access your video surveillance footage directly on your smart phone and save up to 30 days of continuous footage from all of your cameras. 


Our award winning panel not only looks great, but protects your family with a cellular connection and a 24 hour batter backup. 


We take care of everything from start to finish. We do a free consultation to help you understand all your options and customize the system to your home and lifestyle. Then our professionally certified technicians install everything for you, so you don’t have to.


Protect your home and family without breaking the bank. We cover all the expensive stuff, so you don’t have to.


We are the exclusive Authorized Vivint dealer in Saskatoon. Our goal is to provide industry leading service, so we staff multiple certified professional technicians locally so we can provide same day & next day service. Your satisfaction is our main priority; our future business depends on it.

Want to know more about Vivint, Saskatoon?

Vivint Smart Home is one of the leading smart home installation companies in North America. With over 5000 active customers in the Saskatoon area we are the largest smart home provider in the city. Founded in 1999, Vivint has grown from an alarm company to a smart home security provider with 1.5 Million active users.

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Vivint Saskatoon

There is nothing more important than your home and family. With Vivint’s 24/7 home security monitoring and alarm protection, we take of everything once you’ve armed your system.

5 Tips To Buying A Home Security System For Your Saskatoon Home


Due to the recent burglary rate, people of Saskatoon are readily buying a home security system for Saskatoon home. Everyone wants to live protective and having a home security system is key to safely live.

A home security system is an equipment which expands all over your home and alarms you if anyone breaks-in or tries to break in with the help of sensors, cameras and motion detectors. Some advanced home security systems also send signals to the operating system of the company via radar and then the company can send help or call 911 in case you are in danger.

To find the best home security system for your home, we have given 5 tips for the beginners!

Tip #1
Sort out what you want!

First thing first, you have to sort out what are your demands and requirements from a home security system at your home. Do you want a wireless home security system? Is your home big or small? Do you have lockers or do you have luxury items at home? What kind of area do you live in Saskatoon? Etc. Sorting out the basics will help you clear your mind and do a good purchase.

Tip # 2

Take help from referrals!

It’s always okay to take a little help from your friends and family. Ask out about the installed home security system from your friends or family. They will tell you honest reviews and it will help you to go for what is best for you.

Tip # 3

Set a budget for your purchase

Home security systems have a different price range. Some of them are quite reasonable but some are expensive. You need to set a budget by analyzing your security requirements. A wireless alarm system with advanced sensors and detectors will cost more than a wired home security system.

Tip # 4

Look out for features and specifications

Home security system shopping is similar to electronic shopping. You have to look out for features and specifications and analyze if they will help you solve your security issues or not. Some of the products are way too high-tech and give you full proof secure home. The radar system also helps to send signals at the backend so that you can get help in a case of burglary.

Tip # 5

Check out warranty and company contracts

When you are buying a home security system for your Saskatoon home, you need to check out the warranties and contracts keenly. You need to agree on certain terms on the contract. Also, ask out for discounts if there are available at the moment of your purchase or not. Confirm with the company if they are providing free maintenance visits over the year or not because some companies do that. Some of the companies even provide free installation service so you need to ask every detail and double-check before leaving.

These simple steps will help the beginners to buy a perfect home security business. Home is where you can sleep fearlessly and that can only happen with the help of a strong home security system.





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Vivint Smart Home is one of the leading smart home installation companies in the whole of North America.